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Justice Reveal New Album Details

Justice made a huge splash with their debut album in 2007. Four years later the electro duo are back with Audio, Video, Disco, a decidedly more rock-oriented album due out October 25. Read more about the album and listen to their latest track “Civilization” after the jump.

While the album contains musical nods to rock icons like Queen, The Eagles and Yes on tracks like “Parade,” “Ohio” and “Canon,” which incorporates prog-rock into the band’s massive sonic soundwall, Xavier de Rosnay told Pitchfork that Audio, Video, Disco is still rooted in electro.

“Although the record sounds a bit band-y, it’s mainly electronic– we wanna keep an electronic aesthetic because we like the way it sounds and it’s more practical for us,” he said. “We are not good enough instrumentalists, and the fact that we don’t perform all of this live keeps it on the good side. We played everything on the album ourselves, but it took a long time to make it because we are not good players. And if it was played by real musicians, some of the songs would probably be a bit too “shred.”

Rosnay also explained the pain-staking recording process, which took place over the course of a year and a half in a flat in northern Paris, where the band set up a studio.

“We wrote all the songs in a really simple shape, with just piano and guitar for example, and then we would record it bit by bit. Some live drums were played just to find a good pattern, and then we’d decompose it. Then we would reprogram it. That’s why it took a lot of time; it was really an ant’s job. But live drums are too hard to record, so we chose the simple way.”

And, when it comes to all the cross imagery that was so prominent on their debut, Rosnay said it’s here to stay for the time being.

“We still use the cross but in a different environment and a different way. We don’t want to give it up yet. It’d be like if we were the Police and Sting left and was replaced by some other bloke– it would be a shame,”  he said.

Read the rest of the interview over at Pitchfork, and watch the video for “Civilization,” featuring UK singer Ali Love below.

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