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The Strokes Reveal Tour, New Album Details

It may have taken The Strokes a minute to reunite and put out their latest album Angles, but now that they’re back on the scene, the band isn’t planning on another hiatus anytime soon. Bassist Nikolai Fraiture told Rolling Stone that the band are planning an extensive fall tour while also working on a follow up to Angles.

“We’re trying not to lose momentum by taking time off and then having to reboot the whole system,” Fraiture said. “Hopefully, we keep that up.” Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. said the group will likely tour the U.S. after finishing overseas dates. “You’re wondering about America, as are we,” says Hammond. “It seems like something is lining itself up, but it’s hard to tell right now what exactly we’re going to do. We all want to do it, so we’re gonna find a way.”

Currently the band has two late summer gigs, Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary shows on September 3rd and 4th at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, WI scheduled. Band members have also been working on new material separately between dates.

“It’s been feeling really good,” Fraiture said of the new sessions. “We’re kind of doing the same thing as the last record – we’re bringing in parts and ideas and kind of just working on those and trying to make sense of them, coming from five different people.”

Fraiture is hopeful that a release date is in the near future. “If we could do it tomorrow, that’d be great. But yeah, as soon as possible I think.”

Hammond adds cautiously, “Let’s get songs first and then think about recording.”



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