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Red Eye Fugu Gives Preview Of ‘Watchers’ Album

Red Eye Fugu, the artist formerly known as Poster Child, has released two new tracks, “Prophecies (I Don’t Mind)” and “Night Runner,” from his forthcoming album Watchers, set for release in August.

A songwriter and composer since the age of 12, Fugu, who’s real name is Enzo Tiano, immigrated to Los Angeles from the Philippines at 15. After forming his first band Paraventure at 17, he studied fashion and design at FIDM in LA, before joining a group called Twin Falcons. He soon left the group to perform under the alias Poster Child, before dropping it for his current title. His major influences–John Lennon, David Bowie and Thom Yorke–are evident in his songs’ subject matter, which delves into topics like religion, war, government conspiracies and aliens, lyrical themes and concepts that cropped up in many of Lennon’s and Ziggy Stardust’s most memorable cuts.

“Prophecies” is a relaxed, electro pop track with psychedelic flourishes of atmospheric sounds and twinkling, intergalactic burbles and bleeps, while “Night Runner” combines the space-age sonics with a touch of seventies funk and warbly guitar distortion.

Fugu explained a few of the themes, the sound and the inspiration behind the new album in a short interview with Indies and The Underground.

“I’ve added a more retro/modern influence, combining analogue synths and groovy beats. I believe the sound is a bit more cohesive than my Suspicious Characters EP . The lyrical themes are focused on time travel, fake prophets and end times scenarios; but I made it obscure and imaginative so it doesn’t sound preachy,” he said. “After writing lyrics to the songs I noticed that many of the words i repeatedly used were:  travel, home and finding or searching. This observation sparked the idea of using Watchers as my album name, thinking that while we live our lives and searching for a meaning, there is a higher entity just sitting and watching.”

While Watchers may play with some lofty themes, Fugu says the recording process was pretty basic. “I recorded the whole album in the comfort of my bedroom with a little help from mr. jack daniels, and some corny 70′s/80′s horror flicks,” he said.

“I also asked my friend, David from The Black Heartthrobs, to help master the album with some last minute touch ups.  For this particular album, my song writing process was inspired through thought provoking movies, such as, Videodrome, The Time Machine, Omega Man and the classic John Carpenter film, They Live. Overall, it took 2 months to finish up with the album.”

Watchers comes out August 22. Listen to “Prophecies (I Don’t Mind)” and “Night Runner” below.

Prophecies ( I Don’t Mind ) by Red Eye Fugu

Night Runner by Red Eye Fugu

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