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Artist Profile: The Demos

Indie pop duo The Demos, formed by Jason Milton and Callan Saunders in 2002, channel their love of modern indie rock acts like The Strokes,  The Beatles, and their favorite subject matter–fast cars, girls, and reckless romance–into something that sounds like a 21st century take on classic sunny 60′s pop.

Framed by gentle, steady guitar chords and intricate vocal harmonies, “Meet At Night,” slowly picks up steam with dramatic strings and thudding bass drum, while Milton croons about the glamorous, but empty nightlife in the voice of a long-lost Beach Boy.

“Nervous” is a driving pop/rock gem about butterflies-in-the-stomach inducing infatuation, while “Veronica,” with its infectious hand clap-style drum hits, sounds arena-ready. The Demos latest release, Lovely, is out now. Listen to “Meet The Night” here, and listen to the other tracks below.

Find more The Demos songs at Myspace Music

Find more The Demos songs at Myspace Music

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