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Ki Theory Drops ‘Holiday Heart’ Single, Remixes Unkle

Producer/artist Ki Theory (a.k.a. Joel Burleson) has made a name for himself in the remixing world by balancing indie rock and electronic music. The adventurous sound has cropped up in his remixes for Daft Punk, Ladytron, Queens of The Stone Age, Brazillian Girls and other acts.

To tie fans over while he works on new material, Burleson has released the new single “Holiday Heart.” While the music is bright and hooky, the lyrics relay a slightly darker message.

“[Holiday Heart] is actually a medical condition you get when you’ve been hitting the whiskey and summer sausage a little too hard [commonly around the holidays].  I’ve always thought it makes a great metaphor for ‘to much of a good thing,” explains Burleson.

For the single’s B-side, Burleson collaborated with Holy Fuck and The Black Angels for a remix of Unkle’s “Natural Selection.” It wasn’t the first time Ki: Theory had refashioned the band’s music, having done a remix of “Hold My Hand” back in 2007.  

“I’m a huge fan of UNKLE, The Black Angels, and Holy Fuck … so getting asked to contribute to something all these great artists had collaborated on was just phenomenal.  Holy Fuck had already laid some really nice textures and ambient soundscapes for the remix so getting in there with big drums and some leads seemed like a cool direction.”

Listen to “Holiday Heart ” below.

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