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Tori Amos To Release Classical Music-Inspired Night Of The Hunter

Tori Amos’ debut release for world-renowned classical music label Deutshe Grammophon Night Of The Hunter, may be one of her most ambitious yet, a modern song cycle inspired by select classical pieces spanning back 400 years.

Amos said of Night Of The Hunter, which she wrote and produced: “I have used the structure of a classical song cycle to tell an ongoing, modern story. The protagonist is a woman who finds herself in the dying embers of a relationship. In the course of one night she goes through an initiation of sorts that leads her to reinvent herself allowing the listener to follow her on a journey to explore complex musical and emotional subject matter.”

She added,“One of the main themes explored on this album is the hunter and the hunted and how both exist within us.”

Amos will support the album, set for release in September, with a European and U.S. tour starting in Helsinki, Finland on September 28.

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